NAA Events and Conferences

NAA Conferences

The Numismatic Association of Australia runs a biennial conference at varying locations around Australia. The first of these conferences was held in 2005, and this plus the subsequent conferences in 2007 – 2011 were hosted by the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies (ACANS) at Macquarie University. The Association’s 2013 conference was held at the Irish Club in Brisbane, the 2015 conference was held at the Naval, Military and Air Force Club of South Australia in Adelaide, and the 2017 conference will be held at the Royal Society of Victoria in Melbourne during the weekend of 21 – 22 October 2017.

NAA Conference medals

All but the 2007 conference have had a special medal struck, in several finishes.


NAAC2005 Antique silverNAAC2005 Antique brass

100 grey (20 for session speakers, the remainder sold)
14 brass colour (5 for plenary speakers, the remainder sold)
2 gold plated (1 for auction, 1 presented to Peter and Janis Lane)
Struck by Tasmedals


NAAC2009 Antique bronze NAAC2009 Gilt

74 bronze
25 gilded (for speakers)
1 silver (for auction)
Struck by the Canning Mint


NAAC2011 Antique bronzeNAAC2011 Silver

The obverse of the medallion depicts Captain Cook presenting a Resolution and Adventure medal to an aboriginal in Adventure Bay, Van Diemen’s Land on 29th January 1777, the first medal ever to be presented in Australia. The image has been taken from an unfinished watercolour of the event painted by Cook’s Third Voyage artist, John Webber.

81 bronze
18 antique silver (for speakers)
1 .999 silver (for auction)
Struck by The Adelaide Mint


NAAC2013 Antique bronze NAAC2013 Antique silver

Specifications: Diameter: 38.35mm; Thickness at rim: 4.00mm; Engraver: Michael Nanson, Adelaide; Reverse design concept: Peter Lane; Mint Mark: AM.

The NAAC2013 Conference Medallion was devised to honour the late Graeme Stevens, a past president of the Australian Numismatic Society, Queensland Branch and founding member and past president of the Queensland Numismatic Society. Graeme, who suffered a rare medical condition, Eales Disease, was totally blind; the reverse of the medallion features the Conference title in Braille to reflect his disability and allow us to marvel at his numismatic achievements.

79 bronze
20 antique silver (for speakers)
1 .999 silver (for auction)
Struck by The Adelaide Mint

NAAC2013 Aluminium ANS

The Australian Numismatic Society Queensland Branch version was struck in aluminium and given out to the guests at the Saturday evening dinner (held at the Queensland Irish Association in Elizabeth St in Brisbane).

62 Aluminium
1 copper
1 silver
1 gold-plated brass
Struck by the Canning Mint


NAAC2015 TrialNAAC2015 Antique silver
NAAC2015 Silver

The reverse of the medallion depicts the Clipper Ship City of Adelaide in full sail bound for South Australia in 1864 (image from an 1864 lithograph). Built by William Pile, Hay & Co, the City of Adelaide was launched on 7 May 1864 as a Composite Clipper passenger ship to carry passengers and freight between Adelaide and the United Kingdom. Her maiden voyage was on 6 August 1864, and between 1864 and 1886 she made 23 round trips between Adelaide and London carrying passengers to South Australia and mainly cargo on the return trip. “Bound for South Australia” was the theme for the 2015 Conference.

73 bronze
26 antique silver (for speakers)
1 .999 silver (for auction)
Struck by The Adelaide Mint

The Numismatic Association of Australia held International Coin Fairs in 1992 and 1996, both in Adelaide.

NAA International Coin Fair medals

NAA Adelaide 1992

NAA Coin Fair 1992NAA Coin Fair 1992 Silver

Designer: Maurice Keain

161 plus 39 for c/s in 1996 bronze
50 gilded bronze
18 .999 silver
Struck by Olson Badges, Adelaide

NAA Adelaide 1996 (ACF 1996 countermark on 1992 medal)

NAA Coin Fair 1996

39 bronze (taken from the 1992 mintage)
Struck by Olson Badges, Adelaide