Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia

Volume 9, 1998

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Journal Articles

Obituary: Gartner, John 1914-1998 Keain, MauriceView
Master die types of Australian halfpenniesHolland, Paul M.View
The family of Hugh Peck, token issuerHenderson, LenView
An English naval store token mistaken for a convict tokenLane, PeterView
The solution of the Charlotte enigmaChapman, Dr John M.View
The role of the French ├ęcu in the colonization of Western AustraliaBloom, Walter R.View
The first Australian horse exposition. 1870Carlisle, LesView
Australian Army Long and Meritorious Service medal combinationsMatthews, DavidView
Alfred Ronalds and his Victorian Separation medalChapman, Dr John M.View
Scottish currency substitutes and the Thistle BankMeikle, ColinView
Corrections [The Baudin medals of King George Sound, Western Australia]UnknownView