Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia

Volume 10, 1999

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Journal Articles

The actual Tribute pennyLewis, Peter E.View
The Tribute penny in the Gospel of ThomasLewis, Peter E.View
Only six came back A Sandakan coffee token and a story of infamyMira, W.J.View
Bronze coinage at the Perth Mint 1951-1953: The transition to working die productionHolland, Paul M.View
Antarctic Service MedallionO'Connor, J.M.View
Serrati NumiHenderson, LenView
Comments from readers and authors: The role of the French ├ęcu in the colonization of Western Australia, The first Australian horse exposition, 1870, and Alfred Ronalds and his Victorian Separation MedalPurdy, MartinView