Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia

Volume 25, 2014

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Journal Articles

President’s reportBloom, Walter R.View
Managing Editor’s letterDavis, GilView
South Australian WWI soldiers’ ‘forget-me-not’ penniesLane, PeterView
Expansion, bribery and an unpublished tetradrachm of Alexander IKnowles, TaliaView
An Oz at Oxford: Australia rowing into World War IIEverest-Phillips, MaxView
The Greek Far West: an exceptional adaptation of a design from Asia Minor with bull and lion forepartsChevillon, Jean-Albert, Ripollès, Pere Pau View
The discovery of an eighteenth century Chinese Cash coin on Elcho Island, Northern TerritoryHermes, Michael, Lane, Peter, Lonic, Nenad, McIntosh, IanView
Experiencing the Republican Empire: a numismatic perspectiveEllams, Matthew, Morgan, Emily, Rowan, Clare, Waters, BradleyView
Allan J Olson Pty Ltd: medal and badge makers of Adelaide (1966 to present)Newman, BarrieView
Sicilian accessions for ACANS: Akragas, Messana, Syracuse and KataneSheedy, KennethView
Obituary - Leonard Terence PepperellRobinson, Frank, de Knecht, MonicaView
Ray Jewell and Paul Simon Memorial Award RecipientsView